Alaska Elopement: Madalina + Dorian


In December of 2017, I received the sweetest email from a woman in Germany. She told me she and her fiancé were coming to Alaska in May 2018 to get married and she attached a pdf file to the email of nine photos from my own website that showed what she was looking for. (I loved her from that moment!)

Over the next few months, we’d email and check in. The spring in Alaska was shaping up to be a pretty cold one and all of the places we’d talked about as options for photos were still covered in snow, which wasn’t the look they were going for. Then finally after a scouting session, lots of internet photos, and emails back and forth, we settled on Eklutna Lake for their intimate elopement.

I met Madalina and Dorian at a coffee shop downtown two days before their wedding, and I instantly fell in love with them. They were so sweet to my son, Tommy, and cooed over him while we visited. They brought us gifts from Germany, including amazing chocolates, soap, and a puzzle for Tommy.

Capturing their wedding was an amazing way to kick-off my 2018 wedding season, and had so many things that I loved. It was the first wedding I’ve ever photographed where I couldn’t understand the vows, but even so, could feel the love intensely radiating in those promises. The sun popped out during their ceremony, and I love the shot of Madalina looking towards the light, smiling. They were also wildly adventurous and fun-loving, which makes my job so easy and enjoyable. I also loved that my whole family got to be a part of their ceremony, since my husband and I acted as their witnesses (which is something I’m absolutely honored to do!) My son also came along, and Madalina let him smell her beautiful bouquet (from Bloomsbury Blooms) as many times as he asked.

There’s something else I just love about Elopements: when they are this small and intimate, only the photographs will be able to paint the picture for the friends and loved ones who weren’t there. To be trusted with that is something I never take lightly.

These two reminded me why I love taking photos for people and I’m so excited for them. I hope our paths cross again one day because they definitely became dear friends during our time together, and I’m so glad they got to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer on their honeymoon.


Flowers: Bloomsbury Blooms
Officiant: Dorothy, Castle Ministries
Venue: Eklutna Lake, Alaska