Mountaintop Alaska Wedding: Jenna + Halvor


One of the amazing things about getting married in Alaska is the fact that there are drop-dead gorgeous views everywhere. One of the downsides? Sometimes it can be hard to get everyone from your wedding to your scenic locale. But this is where Arctic Valley Ski Area comes in. It has the ability to transport you (and all your loved ones!) to the top of the most stunning mountaintops you could ask for, all while exerting zero effort on your part thanks to their chairlift. It’s pretty much the only time you’re going to get to the top of a mountain wearing high-heels and a dress and feel okay afterwards, and is definitely why it is quickly becoming my favorite wedding venue.

It was also the perfect spot for Jenna and Halvor’s wedding day. I mean, when you fall in love while skiing, what could be better than a chairlift ride to whisk you away after being pronounced husband and wife?! The location played as much a part in their wedding as any other detail, and it was so perfect for this adventurous duo that I really couldn’t imagine them getting married anywhere else.

Jenna and Halvor were an absolute joy to photograph. Halvor has this quiet playfulness about him and Jenna has this amazing laugh where she throws her head back and opens her mouth wide. All day you could just feel the joy radiating from them, and it was infectious.

Congratulations Jenna and Halvor!!!
Venue: Arctic Valley Ski Area