Melanie & Matt: An Evening in Perfect Light

On a golden August night, I meet Melanie and Matt at a local dog park where they routinely walk their dog, Lucky. Lucky lives up to his name, trotting around, happily slinging slobber across his own face, and bounding back and forth between his people. Melanie stops on the side of the forested trail and rummages in a backpack for organic carrot treats, which Lucky waits for excitedly. He’s much more interested in treats and other dogs than having his photo taken.

The light is a dream tonight. Soft filtered rays stream through trees, still clinging to their late summer leaves. Melanie and Matt walk along, and I catch a glimpse at what their normal evening routine is like. Melanie has a laugh that is loud and infectious. They talk about recent adventures and ask each other about whether or not they remembered the leash. It's their every day... but it's so perfect.

I love when I get to take photos like this. My theory is these little moments are the ones we should be trying so hard to remember. Sure, the big moments will always stand out-- but it's the dinners at home, the late night walks with a hyper dog, and the times when you didn't get dressed up that truly make up these short, wonderful lives of ours.

Another treat from this shoot? The fact I got to photograph Melanie & Matt before their wedding. This shoot, in particular, was fun because I’ve known both Matt and Melanie before this. Matt is the brother of one of my dear college friends and Melanie worked as the occasional courtroom sketch artist when I worked at KTUU. This separate life outside of each other makes it all the more interesting to see couples come together and how they interact.


The truth is, Melanie & Matt are the kind of couple that work so well together you find it hard to believe there was ever a time they weren't together. Have you ever met those people? Where it seemed like they just made sense? They are so sweet to each other, have shared so many adventures together, and seem to agree on more things than any other couple I've ever seen.

I'm so honored to be their wedding photographer-- and you'll see more from these two before you even know it! Congratulations you guys! Can't wait for the big day!