Ciara & Jacob: Big Lake Wedding

When Ciara originally contacted me, she asked about wedding venues. The couple was coming up from California, and she wanted some local insight for their big day. It wasn’t long though before she said they’d found the perfect spot for their wedding: a family home on Big Lake.

I'll admit I got a bit lost traversing the dirt road maze on the way to Ciara and Jacob's wedding, but Jacob's Grandfather's home could not have been a more beautiful backdrop for this lovely couple! Finally, I was sure I had the right place when I drove into the yard and saw four men in suits pacing around. Jacob instantly came over and greeted me, and told me where I might find his bride.

I love small weddings for many reasons, but one is that it feels extra-special as a photographer to be invited in to something so intimate among friends and family. Ciara and her bridesmaids were putting finishing touches on inside the house, including a few spritzes of Juicy Couture for the bride. Then, without seeing each other, the couple held hands on either side of the door and said a short prayer.

On the back porch of the home, the couple wed in front of glistening waters and under a perfect blue sky. Ciara's parents stood to the side, ensuring a small video camera was capturing every detail for those back home in California. Forest, the couples' friend, performed a beautiful wedding ceremony. I loved the small detail in the notebook where the ceremony was written; on the front cover it said "Start Something Wonderful".


The whole group! I just have to say, everyone was so fun and I love the genuine laughter in this photo. And thanks to Jonny for being such a good sport. :)

Congratulations Ciara and Jacob! It's true, you've definitely started something wonderful!