Melanie & Matt's Cozy Girdwood Wedding


In true Girdwood fashion, it was a rainy fall day; however, the Raven Glacier Lodge was like an oasis of warmth in the lush green forest. Orange lights glowed throughout the house, accented by the occasional wafts of homemade food, and the bride and groom's families buzzing about. Melanie sat on a bed in an upstairs bedroom, seemingly calm, cool, and collected as her friend, Anda, sketched her. This would not be your cookie-cutter wedding.

As almost punctuation to that sentiment, Melanie hiked up her lacy gown and pulled on her Xtra-Tuffs.

Melanie and Matt share an almost unspoken language. I know that sounds cliché, but I’ve run that idea by people who know them well, and they all agree. Sometimes they can look at each other and you realize they’re having a whole conversation. They understand each other, and it seems they even make important decisions without speaking a word! I’ve noticed this many times seeing them together, but this became so apparent when they were getting ready apart from each other. I think that’s one reason I love first-looks so much. Every moment on your wedding day is building to the moment you get your support system back on, arguably, one of the busiest days of your life.


The First Look! Matt smiled at her and quickly asked for a hug.


It’s strange how sitting outside on a cold, damp day can still be warm… but there was so much love on Matt and Melanie's day, that it couldn’t help but feel cozy, feel like home. I love when two people have found each other, and in their partner have found their home. Congratulations you guys!