Dante:: Maternity & Family Portraits

I always try to be gentle when it comes to posing my mom-to-be clients. Not too much sitting, not too much schlepping through weeds... after-all, I want them to be as comfortable as possible. Many clients laugh when I tell them this and say something like, “Oh, nothing feels comfortable right now!” But not Dante. She laughs, but tells me that just last week she was climbing Flat Top. (I climbed that peak for the first time this summer, and know it is no small feat-- even when you’re not pregnant!) And just to drive home how absolutely hardcore this Mama is—she made the ascent with her two little girls in tow.

We make use of the beautiful golden light that is returning again to Alaska evenings. A few weeks ago at a different shoot, I stumbled on this amazing garden near the Kincaid Park Chalet. It just screamed for more portrait sessions.

Dante and I talk throughout her session and I can’t help but burst out laughing when she makes jokes about going to the Alaska State Fair may result in “giving birth in the 4-H exhibit”. She tells me this photo shoot makes her feel like Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones”—and I can’t help but later photo shop a dragon into one of the pics to make her a true Mother of Dragons. (Usually when I get to this stage of editing photos, I know I need to take a little break. Ha!)

After some solo time, we meet up with her husband, Talon, & daughters, Isolde & Freja. The girls look positively angelic in their floral crowns that their uber-talented mother made!

It became my biggest challenge to get Freja to smile. She was happiest running (and tripping) amongst the flowers.

I love the stage when kids think it is gross when their parents kiss-- a stage that Isolde is smack-dab in the middle of. :) When I asked Dante & Talon to kiss, she immediately turned and said "Noooo!" I love the look of shock on her face in these photos.

After spending an hour with this lovely family, it became clear there is no slowing down for them. From Isolde launching herself off rocks into her Daddy’s waiting arms to Freja using her Mom as her personal jungle gym—Talon & Dante have their hands full. But it’s clear they would have it no other way! They tackle everything together with knowing looks, shared inside jokes, and no desire to slow down the chaos. Their new daughter will be such a lucky addition to such a loving family. Congrats you two!