Palmer Portraits

My favorite thing about taking portraits is capturing people's personalities. (There's a reason I became a portrait photographer...people are so much more fun to photograph than landscapes or bowls of fruit!) And during this photo session in Palmer, the personalities of these three kiddos definitely came across!

Addison is the princess. She’s got the flowing princess locks to prove it, and took every opportunity to sport a princess-y pose (even trying to organize a shot where her siblings carried and/or fanned her.) But don’t let that fool you—she’s also super spunky. I’ve never seen anyone scale a tree in a pair of flip-flops like this little girl. (She was also rocking a pretty sweet scab on her forehead from a case of bicycle road rash.)

Amelia is the oldest and a total sweetheart. She definitely watches out for everyone and makes sure everyone is taken care of. It's really sweet the way she looks up to her Mom too-- which was literally captured in this photo as she glanced over at her during this shot. She is very observant and quietly adventurous.

And now we come to dear, little Max.

Max is the youngest, and was quite shy at first. It wasn't until I started asking him to jump around and make silly faces that he got really into the photo shoot. This kid is going to have some serious moves when he grows up-- one of my favorite moments in the session was when I asked Max and Addison if they could try to make Amelia laugh. Max shook his butt in the most hilarious way and was the reason this photo of his big sister was possible:

That's pure joy, Ladies & Gentlemen...

It was such a fun session with this group. We started out by enjoying some Italian sodas (gotta get them all sugared up and excited for photos, right?!) They climbed some trees, found a message in a bottle, and raced around in their Grandparents' yard. All in all, a wonderful day and captured some fun snapshots of this time in their lives.