Celebrating the Qaspeq

I'm so excited that I can finally share a huge part of my Wales photos with all of you! I heard about this awesome community sewing group in Wales and the way it was reviving culture there, and really wanted to do a photo essay on it. KTUU picked up the story and now I can finally share it with you. Here's part of it and the rest can be found here:

WALES -- A herd of caribou has been licking at the salty ice for most of the afternoon when Marie Ningealook pulls up on a snowmachine.

The frozen Bering Sea stretches to the horizon from the beach and Ningealook’s daughter Ida trundles behind on a wooden sled, wrapped in a pink snowsuit. With wind chill, it is easily 40 below here on the northwestern-most point of mainland Alaska.

Not cold enough to miss community sewing.

For the full story and more photos about celebrating the Qaspeq, visit ktuu.com or click here.

Sarah FreijeComment