The only time an Alaskan hasn't wanted a tan (and the most perfect weekend)


Do you ever have those perfect weekends that carry you through until the next weekend? They are few and far between, with most weekends being way too fast and not nearly reviving enough. But here it is Thursday already, and I’m still on a high from my weekend.

I've lived in Alaska for almost 25 years, and had never made it to the top of Flat Top before this weekend. Friday night, my fiance' and I climbed to the top-- and I have never felt stronger!

What a gorgeous night for it too!

What a gorgeous night for it too!

It was a bit harrowing at times-- but also incredibly rewarding. Way better than doing cardio on a treadmill!

Saturday started with a dance class. For those who know me and my two left feet, this would hardly seem like a highlight. Tony and I met an old friend (who is a dance instructor on the side) and learned the Foxtrot for our wedding. Sadly, there are no pictures of this—so you’ll just have to imagine how gracefully we glide and twirl. It was so much fun!

Then, it was time for the Petals & Spokes festival. Could there be anything more summery than flowers and bikes?

Gorgeous floral crowns by Alaska Knit Nat at Petals & Spokes. She's making crowns for my bridesmaids, and I'm so excited!

The festival was everything I love about Anchorage: quirky & colorful, while having a small-town feel. I love how Alaskans need zero excuses to throw a party and celebrate something.

As I was leaving downtown, a different sort of festival was happening on the Delainey Park Strip. This one was simply a family enjoying the sunshine and flying kites together. My favorite was the little boy flying a Spiderman kite (while wearing a Spiderman t-shirt). The mountains behind them and the blue, blue sky made for gorgeous photos.

The fun doesn't stop there though...
Sunday was spent in Girdwood. The goal was to finish one of our huge sewing projects for the wedding. (It's been so hard to not share photos of the multitude of crafts for this wedding. After the big party, expect a HUGE post!)
As always when it comes to this do-it-yourself wedding, I'm amazed at how many people are willing to help and how talented the people in my life are.

Just another sewing party. Beth and Marilyn come to Girdwood to help. :)

I also took part in my first-ever #walkalaska. It's a group of local photographers who meet weekly at area trail heads, while taking walks (and photos). The lighting was stunning-- and though I was quite shy being around so many talented people, I got some good shots and met some cool people.

It may sound weird but in the middle of all of this nice weather, I'm desperately trying to not get a tan. Or at least trying to not get weird tan lines. (I don't want to have weird criss-crosses in our wedding photos.) I went and bought a lightweight long sleeve shirt to block out the sun on our hikes this summer... and let's just say after three days spent in the sun, it definitely did not work. I have the perfect outline of the tank top I was wearing underneath! I guess I have four more weeks to even it out! (This has to be the only time any person who hasn't seen the sun for months on end has NOT wanted a tan!)

And finally, the whole perfect time wrapped up with a hike to Virgin Falls, delicious food and company at Jack Sprat, and laughter around a bonfire. Absolutely amazing... and I can't believe I get to play again in just two days!

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