Jane Austen Styled Wedding


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a photographer with access to amazing vendors and models, must be in want of a dream wedding shoot.

Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennet is not unlike the many Alaskan brides I work with regularly. She is a firm believer in love and not doing things because they are expected. She is adventurous and curious, kind and compassionate. She loves the outdoors and being free. These similarities led to my idea for a Jane Austen themed styled shoot.

Usually, the name "Jane Austen" would make you think of stuffy historical-period costumes, but that is so far from the case! Jane Austen's characters are so real and if you strip away the rigidness of the Regency era, they could fit in perfectly in today's world. So with that idea and five other amazing vendors, we embarked on our Alaska-style Jane Austen wedding.

When I work with models, I actually love to give them roles to play-- which was another reason this shoot was like a dream. I assigned each one of our models a Bennet sister. This next photo so completely captures the Bennet sister's personalities, that I get giddy every time I look at it (and I like to think that this is exactly what Austen would've had in mind for Lizzie's wedding day.) There are Kitty and Lydia, planning some flirtatious mischief, naturally. Lizzie looking fierce and proud of the fact that she held out for love. (Pemberly is just a bonus!) There's sweet newly-wed Jane, looking on at her sister in her incandescent happiness. And then there's Mary. Sweet Mary who is, of course, supportive of her favorite sister but less than thrilled to be a part of all the pomp and circumstance.

Kitty, Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane, and Mary Bennet

Kitty, Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane, and Mary Bennet

It was a bitingly cold day in Anchorage up at Flat Top, and the models were such troopers!

This session could not have come together without the vision of all of those involved. Natasha Price of Paper Peony created stunning bouquets that looked effortless and rich all at the same time. She said her goal was to make it look like the Bennet girls had picked the flowers from their own garden, which I loved. She also wrapped the stems in heirloom handkerchiefs and lace. Orainda of Orainda's Bridal Boutique provided the perfect lacy dresses and an overall cohesive look for the ladies. Again, it really felt like this is what Elizabeth would have chosen for her wedding if she was getting married in the modern day. Katy Bakker completely understood the romantic low-key makeup vibe and characters we were going for, to the point where Lydia and Kitty had the brightest lipstick and Mary the most natural-looking. Brenna Wright of Headline Blonde Hairstyling did the most stunning carefree-looking hair that allowed for sweet blowing tendrils. And Meghan Bartlett Film caught all of the moments and put it into a great video (which is at the very end of this post.)

Again, this could not have happened without the amazing vendors and models. (Natasha Price and Orainda Heins not pictured.)