Ode to a Video Store: A Love Story


Do you remember what it was like to walk through a video store with someone you liked? (You know, that you 'like-liked'?) Every video had the chance to tell you something. You might pick up a movie you loved to see if there was a shared interest, or pick up one to make fun of and see if your crush would play along. A movie could determine what kind of direction a date night would take; horror movies meant cuddling, comedies the chance for inside jokes.

Think of all the chemistry these aisles have seen! So much better than mindlessly scrolling through streaming options, in my opinion! Where's the romance in that? (As someone who holds a BA in Film Arts, I might be a little bit more obsessed with video stores than most-- but I hope so many can relate to this feeling. The feeling of possibility in a video store.)


I want to thank Alyssa Culver and Jacob Carlson for being such amazing and willing models. And, of course, a huge thank-you to Blockbuster on Huffman in Anchorage, Alaska!