Marisa + Neil's Arctic Valley Wedding

Marisa and Neil married at Arctic Valley on one of the sunniest days we've had so far this gray summer, and it was the most Alaskan wedding I've seen yet. Don't believe me? Marisa and Neil married at a ski resort, mentioned hiking during their standing-room only ceremony, and walked down the aisle straight to a chairlift. (Yep, their receiving line for their guests was on the top of a freaking mountain!)

Another uniquely Alaskan part of their wedding was how laid back Marisa and Neil were. I had to laugh when Neil just casually sauntered in to where Marisa was getting ready. He was still putting on his pants and she was tying a ribbon around her bouquet. This was their "first look", but it was completely no frills and was such a great depiction of their relationship because Neil gave Marisa a huge kiss, finished putting on his belt, and then produced a pocket knife to help her cut through the ribbon. Have I mentioned I love Alaskan couples?! It was so clear to me how well they work together, and I know they will have many amazing adventures together.

Bride's Dress: Fabulous Frocks Anchorage
Venue: Arctic Valley
Cupcakes: Lindsey Middendorf
Catering: Homemade by Family + Friends