Cassie + Levi + Baby: Maternity Session

I LOVE maternity sessions. Have I mentioned this before

I have a completely different outlook on maternity sessions now that I’ve given birth. There is something so sacred about these sessions to me, and I am constantly in awe of the Moms I work with and all that the human body can do. I was also completely in awe of Cassie as she braved swampy mosquito marshes, steep ditches full of fireweed, and rocks slippery from a churning waterfall. She was such a force to be reckoned with, that there were times you could forget she was 8 months pregnant. And then the sweetest moment happened…

We were standing by Glacier Creek in Girdwood when a smile crept over her face and her hands instinctively went to her belly. “He’s moving a lot right now,” she said. And then I remembered: there is this amazing life growing inside of her. A life that is going to be met with such enthusiasm, love, and joy. Looking at Cassie and her husband, Levi, cuddle with each other and make each other laugh made me even more excited for this sweet life that is going to be joining them. What a lucky baby to be born to two loving parents, who will teach him what it means to be adventurous and kind. (And I am so grateful that Cassie and Levi have chosen me to be present at their son’s birth to capture the moment their lives change in the most amazing way possible!)

Seriously... these two are going to be the cutest parents ever!

Cassie Maternity Photos-91.jpg
Cassie Maternity Photos-126.jpg