Lynette & Keith's Anchorage Wedding

I've always felt like the most important wedding decision a couple could make for their big day is the venue. (The venue totally sets the stage and tone!) In this day and age, you can get married in a barn, hotel, on a mountain-top, even at an old gold mine! But there is something really special about home weddings. They just feel so cozy, which I think was the perfect tone for Lynette and Keith's big day.

There was such an emphasis on family from the beginning. There was a table of photos that showcased loved ones who couldn’t be with them, jewelry from the Bride’s Grandma, and heirloom Bibles passed down to both the Bride and Groom.

Before their wedding, Lynette told me that she and Keith balance each other out. (As she put it, “He’s the calm and I’m the storm.”) It’s always interesting to watch brides and grooms in the moments leading up to seeing each other for the first time. I found that in this case, especially, it felt like that if they could only get down the aisle and back to each other they would have their support system back. As cheesy as it may sound, it seemed like they were coming home to each other. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Anderson!

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Venue: Private Residence
Band: Xtra-Tuff Cowboys
Caterer: Tasty Traveler Food Truck
Cake: Midnight Sun Cakery
Florist: Bagoys
Makeup/Hair: Valerie Grunger
Lynette's Dress: Sophia Tulle