Jamie and Jim's Wasilla Wedding

Jamie and Jim's wedding at Gloryview Farms in Wasilla will definitely stand out as one of my favorites this season. I love how cozy the venue is! We were sheltered from the rain, while still taking advantage of a beautiful outdoor wedding-feel. In a way, I think that is a lot like Jamie and Jim as a couple: life has definitely thrown some hardship their way, but together they are stronger and they keep each other from the storm.

Being a part of their day was a huge honor, and the way these two light up around each other makes my job easy. Congratulations Jamie and Jim!

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Jamie and Jim took a moment to be with each other before the ceremony, without actually seeing each other. It was a really sweet non-first look.


Jamie's Mom rounded up "bouquets" of her own for the married ladies during the bouquet toss. I've never seen broccoli bouquets before, but think this should be a new wedding tradition!