Hannah & Wade:: Eagle River Wedding

One of my favorite moments to capture between couples is the split second before a kiss. If you’re lucky, there’s a little spark that makes for beautiful pictures. But with Hannah and Wade, it wasn’t a little spark—it is pure electricity. They would just light up when I would ask them to kiss.


This is one of my favorite photos of the day. This was Hannah's reaction when I asked her to kiss Wade. Everything else melted away and it was just husband and wife and that great spark.


From start to finish, I was with them for only an hour-- but there were plenty of amazing photo opportunities. Hannah and Wade had a small ceremony at the gorgeous Eagle River Nature Center, overlooking mountains and water. It's clear they have a great group of friends, who have become a second family for them in Alaska. 

Hannah was one of those enviable brides who just makes it all look so easy! She was absolutely stunning, and was a real trooper when it came to hiking in heels and suffering through the mosquito attacks.

Wade said he wished they'd gotten married in front of an erupting volcano. And sometimes when you're finally going a little looney from editing, photoshopping Alaska's mountains seems like the perfect way to spend your time. This idea and photo definitely sums up how fun this couple is!

Congratulations Hannah & Wade!