Tanya & Jeremy:: Downtown Engagement

Give me the people who can have fun anywhere, like Tanya & Jeremy. These two were a hoot to photograph! From creative lifts (and one graceful fall) to being photobombed by tourists on segways, this shoot was unlike any other.

Have you heard the saying: “If you’re bored, you’re boring?” It definitely comes off as a wee bit harsh, but I’m beginning to think there’s more and more truth in that sentiment. There aren't many people who can really make any situation awesome, and I'd say it's even rarer still to find a couple like this. But Tanya and Jeremy are the type of people who can entertain themselves anywhere, and I think their joy and love for fun and each other shines through in their Downtown Anchorage Engagement Session.

I knew from our consultation prior to the engagement session that these two would be fun. Tanya said they wanted to go downtown and eat Reindeer Hot Dogs, which is uniquely Alaskan and a first for me as a photographer.

Then, it wasn’t long before they were skipping down the streets of Anchorage—something completely unprompted, and something they say they do all the time.

Tanya & Jeremy skipping down the 4th Avenue during their Anchorage Engagement Session.

Our Segway Tour photobomb. :)

Downtown Anchorage offers some really cool spots for photos. There's the iconic buildings like the 4th Avenue Theater, beautiful flowers, the Coastal Trail (which allows for nature shots without having to move locations!), and this giant cookie cutter-looking Alaska.

Congratulations Tanya & Jeremy! I'm so happy for you two and wish a lifetime full of fun!