Samantha & Richard: Engagement

I love, love, love snowy photo sessions! I was so disappointed last winter because there just weren't any opportunities to capture a winter wonderland, so it was a real treat when Samantha & Richard's engagement session ended up on a perfect snowy day.

One of the things I love about engagement sessions is how I get to see love so clearly on display. Each couple has their own chemistry, and it's fun to see how they support each other when thrown into something (sometimes uncomfortable) like getting your photo taken. Richard told me up front he was not into this whole thing, but Sam had little methods to make him laugh and smile. (I also learned that my weird sounds that work for dogs and babies also had Richard in stitches!) As we were wrapping up, the snow began to fall softly and it was the perfect end to a cozy, romantic session with this Alaskan couple and their pups. Congratulation Sam & Richard!