The First Snow:: Michelle & Matteo


Toddler sessions never go as planned-- which is actually why I find them so fun. You can't go in with a plan and pinterest-visions dancing in your head, because toddlers have an amazing ability to throw all of it out the window; yet, what they come up with is usually much better anyway. Such was the case when I photographed Michelle and her son, Matteo.

It was the first snowfall of the season. Matteo was so intrigued by all the white fluffy stuff, that he couldn't stop bounding through it and then stopping to pick it up. Another challenge of this shoot was the fact that I had laryngitis at the time-- and my usual method for getting kids to smile at the camera involves making a ton of weird noises! Matteo was a pro though and would stop and flash a smile for me-- if I was quick enough to catch it. :)

We took a short break to warm up inside the Loussac Library. When doing sessions with kids, it's always helpful to have some sort of activity for them to do so they don't get bored. (As a teacher, I also LOVE the idea of the library shoot. Instilling a love for literature at a young age is something I can definitely get behind!) Michelle and I had to race around to keep up with Matteo-- he was so excited about all the books and electronic check-out machines!


I've known Michelle since High School, when we did theater together. I've seen her in many roles, but none as cool as her role as Matteo's Mom. There's something I'm in awe of in my friends who are raising tiny humans. There is so much love, and patience, and kindness. Every word and action carries so much meaning for these kids, and I see all of that beauty coming through the camera. And each shot restores my faith in humanity. (I know that sounds kind of cliche' and even extreme, but in light of world events lately, I think it's important to recognize these beautiful moments for their power.) It was an honor to spend the afternoon with these two and celebrate a powerful Mother-Son bond. Thank you for bringing so much love to the world!