Laments and Silver Linings

There are many difficult things about working my abnormal night-shift. (Namely I don't see my fiance' during the week and Pita Pit is closed before I'm hungry for dinner.) I pulled into the driveway after thinking the whole way home I had yet to take a photo for my "Photo of the Day" project. It was almost one AM though. If I hurried, I might be able to get a few words in with Tony before he was lost to the land of bizarre sleep-talking.

Just as I was beginning to spiral into a lament about all the things I hate about my job, Mother Nature stepped in. As always, she provides the most perfect silver-linings... and last night's was one of the most spectacular: The Northern Lights.

Shutter 1/30, f13, ISO 800

I took this photo without a tripod-- at least, in the traditional sense. I grabbed some political mailers and set them on the frosty lid of the garbage can to provide a dry base. Then set the camera on self-timer so as to not shake it.

I watched the light trails of green fade in and out over the mountains until my camera battery was fully drained.  Then, an added bonus: Tony was still awake when I climbed into bed and excitedly told him about the light show in the sky.