A Free Bucket List

When it comes to things around Anchorage to do for entertainment, sometimes you have to get creative. When it comes to things to do for free, it often requires a multitude of imagination.

Here are just a few of the things I love to do in Anchorage that require zero dollars:

1. First Friday--
Galleries in downtown Anchorage come alive the first Friday of each month. It may be wall-to-wall bodies in most venues, but that is what makes it great. There's something exhilarating about seeing Alaskans young and old soaking up the culture. And sometimes there is even free booze involved!

2. Foraging--
It isn't every town that can brag about mushrooms and berries being ripe for the picking within city boundaries. Granted, foraging is usually reserved for the spring and summer (sometimes fall) but it's amazing. You can find blueberries and king boletes on many trails in Anchorage, or minutes outside of town. Try Arctic Valley for berries and Kincaid for mushrooms. Just make sure to take a book or a guide so you're not eating anything that requires a call to Poison Control.




3. Scavenger Hunts-
This takes a little planning, but the good part is the emphasis really can be on the word "little". I've organized scavenger hunts for the Love of my Life when we are in need of a cheap date night. Some of the things have ranged from "find the Alaska state flower" to "ask someone for the time in a foreign language/accent". Bring a camera to capture the hilarity.

4. Stand Up Comedy--
Alaskans are funny. If we didn't laugh about some things, Seasonal Affective Disorder would most likely be exponentially worse than it already is. We live in the dark for much of the year, so if you don't laugh, you'll cry. And one of the places to see these funny people is at Koots for Open Mic Night. Amateurs take the stage-- including yours truly. (I tried it once on a whim. It is not as easy as it looks! But the audience was kind and threw plenty of courtesy laughs my way.)

Sarah FreijeComment