Alaska Peony Farm Wedding: Chelsey and Jake


There are few words I love to hear more from prospective clients than "intimate wedding on our peony farm", and then when those clients turn out to be the absolutely amazing, sweet, and gorgeous duo that is Chelsey and Jake-- you know your photography dreams have come true! I never saw them stress about a single thing, and can I just tell you-- I love me a bride who is willing to eat pizza in her dress and wear Smartwool socks. You also gotta love a groom willing to rake up the grass clippings right before the first-look! (Have I mentioned I love working with Alaskan couples!?)

There are so many great moments that stand out for me from their day, but my favorite came right before they cut the cake. To honor Jake's Norwegian heritage, his incredibly talented sister whipped up three different cakes, one of them being a traditional Kransekake. The almond rings of the cake are stuck together with icing, and it is a tradition for the couple to pull on the top ring together, and however many rings come away with it represents the number of children they will have. I love the photo of this all happening-- including the moment when Chelsey was not happy with their solo ring, and stacked two more on. All I can say is, when all of these future children are born, I just hope I get to keep taking photos for them!

Congratulations Chelsey and Jake! I'm so incredibly happy for you and have loved every minute of working with you two!