Palmer In-Home Family Session


Family lifestyle sessions— both indoor and outdoor— are my absolute favorite thing in the whole world to photograph, and I realized I’ve completely neglected showing that on my blog! I love all of the story lines you can pull out of family sessions. In this particular series, I love all of the shots with big brother in the frame because you can really see how he is trying to make sense of what has just happened to his little world. (This next one you’re about to see, where he is watching from the chair as Mom swaddles the new baby is everything to me!)

While Alaska offers so many gorgeous outdoor spots for photos, there is something magical about going indoors when a new baby comes home. I love capturing the little routines, the spaces where families spend a lot of time, and of course, the sweet little baby details. The best part too about lifestyle photos, is you really get to relax in front of the camera and just love on your family without having to worry about being perfect.