Sullivan + Cavan: Eklutna Elopement


When I arrived at Eklutna Lake, Sulley was standing next to his car arranging a stunning bouquet. He lined the stems with hand warmers in case Cavan got cold, and masterfully wrapped it all up with two rounds of ribbon. (Or like his friend Zak said, "Wrap it like a hockey stick." Have I mentioned I love Alaskans?)

While we were waiting for Cavan to arrive, I asked about Sulley's nerves. He wasn't nervous at all. How could you be when you are finally marrying the woman you've been in love with since you were thirteen?! Yeah, that's right-- these two have loved each other since they were teenagers. And there is something about seeing them together that makes you realize you are witnessing two people who have FOUND their person. It sounds cheesy, but they really do come alive when they are together.

Their small ceremony was absolutely perfect: a stunning location (that was covered in snow just days before!), a hyper and adorable ring-bearing dog, and so many adorable moments of Cavan and Sulley wiping lipstick off of each other. My favorite moment though was watching them "tie the knot" during their ceremony. It turned into a quick came of tug-of-war, and it was clear that these two will be able to face whatever comes their way with a great sense of humor and a fierce love for the other. Sullivan and Cavan-- I wish you only the best!