Rachel & Nick's Wedding


It was an overcast Tuesday in February. Not the most common day for a wedding; yet, the perfect wedding day for Rachel & Nick. Nine years before standing in front of all their loved ones to say, “I do”, they met for their first date.

As Rachel gets ready she tells me about when they first met. “Nick was eating dinner with his parents at Las Margaritas.” She laughs as she describes the fact that her Father’s love for the local Mexican restaurant is what really brought Nick into her life, and that she’d had too much tequila while making her first impression. Later, Nick adds to this story and tells me she left out about the part where she was mainly speaking in a Scottish accent that night. It's clear they share many years of memories, jokes, and love. 

Rachel & Nick’s wedding was the perfect winter wedding. I already love cold weather weddings because there is something so cozy about them, but this was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Their theme was “Elegant Alice”, and stepping through the door of Nick’s parents’ house was exactly like stepping into an elegant Wonderland. Soft twinkle lights hung from the walls, silver snowflakes adorned teacups and stacks of old books, and tiny tags with “eat me” and “drink me” instructed guests just like they did Alice. Their families and friends really went all out to help make this wedding happen!


Rachel's Grandmother was her Maid of Honor.


Congratulations to Rachel and Nick on a beautiful day and what will be a wonderful marriage!