Let's Get Ready to Rondy!

There's grass visible in Alaska in March... there's something really wrong with that. It's almost like everything is backwards this winter-- the lakes aren't frozen enough for skating, but the trails are just pure ice. It definitely makes it hard to get out and enjoy Alaska, which is usually where Fur Rondy comes in and saves us all from going stir-crazy.

Fur Rondy is the amazing winter festival that brings Alaskans together to run from reindeer and push outhouses on skis up and down the busiest streets in Downtown. This year they had to cancel a number of events, including my favorite--the dog sled races, but no one seems to be letting it put a damper on anything. This Saturday I got a bunch of photos of runners partaking in the Frost Bite Foot Race. (If you know any of these runners, I'd love to get them a copy of their photo!)

Another Rondy tradition that is just too funny is the Outhouse Race. Teams build an outhouse on skis and have to navigate their way through a course. This year was a little tricky because they had to truck in snow. They've had to do it in years past for other events too, but this year just seems extreme. It doesn't matter though-- nothing could bring down RONDY!

Sarah FreijeComment