For the Love of Fur Rondy

How often do adults get the chance to dress up in ridiculous costumes and make a fool of themselves? For many grown-ups, that's limited to Halloween and the occasional costume party. For Alaskans the chances increase dramatically, thanks in part to Fur Rondy.

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm obsessed with Fur Rondy. It's the most amazing festival ever!

I had a chance to take pictures of one of my favorite events: the Running of the Reindeer. Not only do Alaskans don costumes, but they then race down three city blocks dodging a pack of horny reindeer. (There's a female in heat at the finish line, which is why the pack of male deer are so keen on getting to the finish line! Only in Alaska.)

It's such a fun event and a great way to close out the Rondy festivities. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Sarah FreijeComment