Congratulations, you’re almost to the big day! Wedding days have a tendency to fly by for
all those involved, so I like to get some additional details in an effort to alleviate some last-minute
stress. That way you can focus on having fun and I can make sure nothing is
missed. Please let me know if you have any questions while filling out this questionnaire.

Name *
Exact addresses for all venues (including getting ready locations, ceremony site, and reception venue). Please also include the name/contact info of someone on site.
Bride's Phone *
Bride's Phone
Groom's Phone *
Groom's Phone
Please outline the timeline of the day. Include when you would like your photography to start.
Are there any portraits that are very important to you? For example, Bride/Groom with Parents, Immediate Family, Bride & Mom, etc.
(I know the wedding day gets busy, but if possible it is great to have about an hour and a half for wedding party photos and some different locations within an area. I can work with less time/locations. I also like to take the bride & groom aside when the lighting is best in the evening for a few minutes. I can help with location ideas if you’re not sure where to start.)