Congratulations, you’re almost to the big day! I am so excited to be a part of it and would love to learn a little bit more about you before then. (This really helps me jump right in and capture your chemistry from the get-go!) Please take the time to answer as a couple, and enjoy this chance to give each other kudos, get all lovey dovey, and amp up the excitement for your wedding! Thanks in advance! -Sarah

Partner's Name *
Partner's Name
Partner's Name *
Partner's Name
If eloping somewhere remote, best guess or general area is fine.
Partner 1's Phone *
Partner 1's Phone
Partner 2's Phone *
Partner 2's Phone
Please outline the timeline of the day. Include when you would like your photography to start.
Are there any portraits that are very important to you? For example, Couple with Parents, Couple with mountain background, Solo portraits, etc. I try not to get caught in the Pinterest trap, because I'd like to be open to ideas and making images that other people will want to pin. ;)
Please also label their significance to you: (i.e., friend, mother, etc.)
Please list any vendors who are a part of your wedding such as florist, hairstylist, dress/suit designer, accessories, cake, etc.