Michaela + Geoff: Engagement Session


Campbell Airstrip is a popular spot with Anchorage-ites for many reasons. There are the obvious reasons why like it is gorgeous, you can ski/bike/run, and the classic bridge is almost an Anchorage icon... but one of the reasons it is popular with Michaela and Geoff is it is where they fell in love! Awwwww.

Eight years ago, they met while working at Trailside Discovery Camp. And now, in less than 3 weeks, they are getting married! They've been engaged for a year now, but we couldn't do there session until now because of their ultra-cool jobs teaching in Honduras. I was so happy they decided to do a pre-wedding shoot because it is such a great chance to get comfortable in front of the camera. So many engagement sessions are just like that Raffi song from when you were a kid about shaking your sillies out! (You gotta shake, shake, shake your sillies out!) Although-- maybe not all the way out, because I love the silly ones...

Engagement sessions are also great for me, because I get to see your chemistry as a couple, which in Geoff and Michaela’s case included butt-grabbing and some of the most hilarious piggy-back poses I’ve ever seen.