Anchorage: Protesting the Muslim Ban

I'm taking a break from posting the wedding photos and portraits that usually grace this blog to bring you some political action. I have a cold and would’ve loved to spend my Sunday snuggled up in bed. I have a four month-old baby who relies on me for nourishment every hour-and-a-half. I don’t love to drive on icy roads. But tonight I bundled up, pumped some milk, and drove across town because I had to. I needed my voice to be heard.

If America is really going to be great again, then Americans need to stand up for greatness.

I was impressed with the Alaskans who came out tonight, many of them probably having similar cozy Sunday plans like mine. But instead, there was a run on poster board at Fred Meyers and we protested.

It was a peaceful gathering, with support from Mayor Berkowitz, the ACLU, Forrest Dunbar, and especially the Anchorage Police Department. (Special shoutout to the officer who told me to not take a step back while taking a picture because there was a car coming.) Thank you to all the drivers around town who cheered out their windows and gave us “thumbs up” as we marched. I didn’t hear a single jeer or taunt.

I hope my Representatives look at the faces standing in the cold, pleading for coexistence, for tolerance, for sanctuary. We can be the greatest nation in the world, but not like this. And as I rock my son to sleep tonight—a boy who comes from Syrian ancestors—I will know that I did my part today to fight for change. 

Sarah FreijeComment