Lynette & Keith's Engagement

I always include engagement sessions with my wedding packages for many reasons, some selfish. First, and most importantly, I love that I get to meet couples and see their chemistry first hand before the big day. (It helps them too get used to my style and feel what it will be like being photographed on their wedding day.) Second, we get to work out likes and dislikes for their pictures, such as not too posed or kitschy.  And third, I find myself getting really invested in their love story; it’s really cool to be there for the beginning of the wedding planning to the final, big day.

Lynette & Keith had been busy planting and prepping their wedding site all day the day of our shoot, but they still had the energy to roam around Arctic Valley with me (and wrangle two hyper dogs). We found that the stunning greens on the trees didn’t extend all the way to the top of Arctic Valley, so we made our way down the road with lots of different stops along the way. The scenic overlooks on that road are plentiful, and we had our pick of different backdrops and light.


I’m so excited for their July wedding and can’t wait to be there for that part too!