Tasha & Rico's Wedding

When Tasha first called me she told me it would be a “very low-key wedding”. I’ve learned this is a favorite phrase among Alaskan brides-- who I’m convinced are the best brides in the world! “Low-key” often means intimate, but it also usually means the couple is going to put their own stamp on the day.

Both Tasha’s Alaska Native culture and the couple’s love of Alaska were on display during the day. When I arrived, adorable flower girls in matching pink kuspuks greeted me outside the chapel, racing around swinging little baskets. Tasha’s mom made a stunning bouquet full of rich peonies and lilies. The men were all wearing matching maroon parkas, and there was mention during the ceremony of Rico's love of hunting. The tiny chapel was packed with loved ones helping in whatever way they could.


I can tell a lot about couples through my viewfinder. I see their spark and how their bodies relax when they are in the same frame together. I could see how Tasha and Rico bring out a glow in each other, how they make each other laugh, and most importantly, how they help each other.

We were wrapping up our photos, and Rico bent down to help Tasha tie her moccasins. I watched as she put her hand on his back, the other rested on her adorable baby bump. They did this without even speaking. He deftly pulled the ties to the back and around the front—clearly having done this more than once. There was little pomp and circumstance in this moment. Just love in its purest form.

A family photo! Since this picture, Tasha and Rico have welcomed son, Tiberius! :)

I think a bumblebee on the Bride's bouquet has to be a good luck sign!

Congratulations Tasha & Enrico!