A Wedding in 30 Seconds

It starts with a ring and a question...and if the answer to that question is "Yes", the wedding planning roller coaster begins. Earlier this week, I was able to witness the grand scope of a wedding in about 30-seconds thanks to the magic of TV!

Orainda's Bridal Boutique is the newest game in town for Alaskan brides looking for their dream dress, and I was lucky enough to be invited along on her first-ever TV commercial shoot! We met at her shop and crews begin busily hanging lights, applying makeup, and coaching the actors.

Ben Bridge loaned Orainda a stunning ring for the shoot and Mylords Floral put together an amazing bouquet of peonies.

Emily Anderson played the bride and her boyfriend, Cody Rodgers, played the groom. They worried more than once that everyone they know would probably think all of the engagement and wedding photos were real. I assure you, Emily and Cody were just great actors/models. :)

For the proposal scene, we found this beautiful garden near Kincaid. It was incredibly romantic and I can't wait to use the spot in an upcoming portrait shoot next week! While Emily and Cody ran through the proposal for the director, I snapped some stills.

I think "the dress" is the first thing that pops into mind following a proposal. (When we were planning our wedding, I had multiple people tell me the only things people remember from a wedding are the food and the bride's dress. I don't know if this is true or not, but I wasn't going to take any chances.) In the past few years, the bridal industry has expanded in Anchorage and Orainda's Bridal Boutique offers stunning dresses like nothing the Last Frontier has ever seen! We're talking beading, lace, and the option to build a completely custom dress. Being in her shop makes me want to do my wedding all over again! For the commercial's purpose, Emily tried on three different gowns while her (real-life!) mom and friends cheered her on.

After the shopping and proposal scenes, the only thing left was the wedding itself. The weather cooperated with us, and we found another beautiful spot in the middle of Anchorage at Cuddy Midtown Park. Even if it was just a wedding for TV, it was beautiful and I loved snapping shots of the elegant dress. Emily made a beautiful bride, even if it was just playing dress-up.

Just check out this gorgeous dress detail! I love all of that lace!