Baby Miller's Baby Shower

I've reached the age where a ton of my friends are starting to have kids. While I'm sure it's super cool for my friends to become parents and have an adorable, tiny human to take care of, I get most excited for these tiny humans. I have some really awesome friends, and these babies don't even realize how lucky they are to get them as parents. Soon-to-be-arriving Baby Jack is one such kid.

Lisa and Justin threw a beautiful baby shower this weekend. Both of their families in the Lower 48 held their own satellite-site showers and skyped in. It was really sweet, and just goes to show that this baby is already so loved.

Mom-to-be, Lisa, thought of everything for this shower. There was a huge bowl of fruit loops for the kids to make necklaces, every sort of juice/Mimosa mixer you could dream of, and a spread of food you wouldn't believe. Lisa also had a really thoughtful activity for us to paint square canvases, which will be hung in Jack's nursery like a painted quilt. The satellite parties got in on it too, and will send their paintings to Alaska. (I didn't get any pictures of this though because I was too busy painting... and holding a mimosa. :)

Lisa had some great helpers with gifts-- the kids would show off the presents to the webcam and Jack's cousin, Elliot, decided he would like some of the gifts for himself. He'll be a good little sharer when the time comes.

Amanda and Elliot have a serious conversation.

Nothing like a sugary cereal and some bubble wrap for a perfect Saturday morning.

Soon-to-be Dad, Justin, was a great dog-wrangler, pocket knife wielder, and webcam operator.

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