The Tortoises & the Hares Prepare for a Wedding


My parents never stop moving; if they were cartoons, their legs would be a blur of circles. Last weekend, they asked if my fiance' and I would trek to their house for some home improvement help. (Tony and my wedding is less than 70 days away and my parents' home is the site of the reception after-party. So now it's all hands on deck.)

Tony and I arrived at their place to find my parents each perched precariously on their own respective ladders.

My mom hanging blinds in the house and my mad-scientist dad brewing beer.

My dad is making home brew for the wedding, and is like a mad scientist when it comes to brewing. So far, he's made five different varieties-- each one catering to differing taste buds. I'm not much of a beer drinker, so he made me a pear cider. And from the looks of it so far, I think his crowning achievement is going to be his Honey-Wheat Raspberry with real raspberry puree.

(My dad also loves to have his photo taken. He texted me repeatedly during the day telling me to come out to the garage and take his picture. My favorite photos of him though are the ones where he isn't posing and doesn't know I'm taking his picture.)

My parents fought over Tony for a little bit-- each one wanting help with their project. He dutifully stirred some foamy liquid for awhile and then was dispatched into the house to climb a ladder perched atop scaffolding (cause that's not scary!!) to help my mom hang blinds.

Ruger gets in on the action. (He thinks he's a really good helper, but alas, he's not.)

Finally I put down my camera long enough to make some more bunting. We still have miles to go. (I don't even think I'm exaggerating... it probably is miles left, not yards.)

66 days until our wedding... and still so many more projects to do. While I've definitely hit the "I wish we would've eloped" stage, there's something to be said for a looming deadline to get all these chores underway. And when the time finally comes, one thing is for sure: it's going to be an epic party.