Portraits with Delainey


The first thing that strikes you about Delainey is her amazing golden hair that reaches all the way to her waist. She tells me she wants to cut it, as I set up the camera. If she and I didn't know each other outside of this photo session she probably would have been terrified by my vehement adverse reaction.

The second thing that you notice about Delainey?
Her pink boots.

Delainey told me she probably won't be in Alaska for much longer, and wanted to capture a bit of Alaska's beauty before she leaves. There's something so magical about Alaska and what it can bring out in people if they let it. After our shoot she mentioned in passing what a solo move to the Last Frontier has meant to (and for) her. She said she's grown more independent & more confident. I think those traits really come across in these photos of her.

Besides her waterfall of hair and whimsical boots, you also notice the light in Delainey. There were so many photos of Delainey giggling that it was hard to find a variety-- but that's just the kind of person she is. (Not to mention that I just got some new equipment I was struggling with and I'm sure it made for quite the show!)

It was a wonderful morning and I had such a great time taking her photos. This next one was the last photo we took-- I promised her it would be since we were both getting cold! It was a perfect last shot and I think embodies all that she is: golden, powerful, and light.