Year in Review: 2015 Retrospective

I’ve always loved the end of the year and how this time lends itself to reflection and closure. I am a few days late due to traveling, but 2015 was such a special year, I had to take the time to celebrate it. More than any other year in my life, 2015 was a year of change.

I began the year sitting at my desk at Alaska’s largest TV station, producing their Morning Edition and craving something different. (I had no idea just how different and wonderful my life was about to become!) Over the course of the next few months, I put in my notice with the plan to start Blueberry Hill Photography. Nothing has ever been so rewarding or terrifying.

Self-portrait taken on January 1, 2015 in front of my Seasonal-Affective Disorder light at work. :)

I traveled to Wales, Alaska to pursue a story I’d wanted to cover for ages: a teacher in rural Alaska was reviving the art of Kuspuk making and educating everyone from Elders to children. The stories and images I took away from the farthest western point of mainland North America were some of my favorites this year.

Lena tries on her new Kuspuk in Wales, Alaska.

Recess at -38.

In June, I married the best man in the world and, to this day, cannot believe how lucky I am. We had an epic, personal wedding surrounded by many of our loved ones. Another favorite image from 2015 was the Selfie Tony and I took at the altar.

Wedding selfie!

If you’d asked the girl sitting at the desk on January 1st, she would not have been able to imagine the other career shift 2015 would bring. In the fall, I went back to teaching after taking a little more than 2 years off. The biggest surprise (and relief) was how much I loved it this time around. I’m thankful everyday for my hilarious, lovely students and having a work schedule that more closely matches my husband’s. Balancing teaching with running a small business has been a challenge, but one I find incredibly fulfilling.

For six years, I’ve taken a photo every day to capture some small part of life. Many times it is nothing more than my cup of Kaladi’s or a picture of the dog pawing me for attention. Sometimes it is something spectacular like a trip abroad or dancing aurora. But 2015 brought another element to my photo of the day—my wonderful clients. I’m so thankful for the beautiful men and women who’ve invited me to capture milestone moments of their 2015. From engagements to weddings, maternity sessions to head shots—I’ve had the pleasure of working with people who share a similar aesthetic to my own and appreciate the small moments that beg to be documented.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this an amazing year! I hope you enjoy a look at some of my favorite photos from 2015, and here’s to 2016!

The other venture this year included glittery Alaska t-shirts.

The other venture this year included glittery Alaska t-shirts.

Kite flying at the Delainey Park Strip.

Bubbles at this year's Pride.


This Downtown Engagement was so much fun!


Melanie & Matt's Engagement Session.

Melanie & Matt's wedding.


Sold my beloved VW bug after 15 years.


Wrapping up the year in Santorini, Greece!

Happy 2016!