An Afternoon with Baby Raaghav

After doing a few newborn shoots that involved putting babies in baskets and propping up baby's heads in ways that Pinterest makes look deceivingly easy, I realized something very important. When and if I have kids, those aren't the kinds of photos I would want of my child. Many of the photographers I admire do sessions that revolve around a new life with baby and the beautiful reality of becoming parents.

These sessions are often more relaxed and always more honest. My hope is that these photos become family keepsakes and that when albums are pulled out years later, parents can say things like, "Oh! I remember how you used to make this face right after nap time," or "We used to hold you draped over our arms because it was the only way we could get you to sleep." I hope that Poorva and Rishi will tell sweet baby Raaghav about how he would burrow into the crook of an elbow and fall asleep, or about the hours spent lying on his mother's chest in an over-stuffed chair. He will be able to see how much they loved him from the very beginning and how much joy he brings them.


Congratulations to such a wonderful, little family-- and welcome to the world, Raaghav!