Lauren & Anthony's Maternity Session


Anchorage may be the largest city in Alaska, but it is still so brilliantly small. It is one of the things I love most about this town. We all know life changes so quickly, but the beauty with a small town is you still can keep in touch with those from different chapters of your life. Lauren and I worked together (I have to really think about how long ago… maybe 5 years?) when I first began teaching. We later took a class together where we ended up on a remote island near Kodiak and found ourselves chaperoning a summer camp, somewhat unexpectedly. But then, life changed and we both moved on to different schools and different jobs.

Then, this summer I was shooting a wedding at the Eagle River Nature Center, and ran into Lauren and her husband, Anthony, while they were hiking. She shared the happy news that they were expecting a baby. There’s nothing I love more than hearing that amazing, beautiful, loving people are bringing a tiny human into the world. This little boy or girl—it’s still a surprise!—is so beyond lucky. I’ve seen Lauren’s adventurous spirit in action, and this will be the greatest adventure yet.

Lauren and Anthony, congratulations—and thank you for being such troopers on a blustery, rainy fall day in Alaska!