Wedding Stationery

Yesterday the Love of my Life and I went to a wedding fair, and I think a lot of the stress and craziness is wedding propaganda. (Granted, we are still 9 months away from the big "2 Become 1" so maybe I'm not in the eye of the storm yet.) But as of right now, I've decided planning a wedding can be as stressful as you make it.

They-- as in the titans of wedding industry-- want you to think you can't handle it on your own so that you will pay someone else to scrawl calligraphy on your invitations or bake your wedding cake. The truth is, being a crafty DIY bride is one of the things I'm enjoying most about this stage.

Now, this doesn't mean plugging in your glue gun and slapping fake flowers on mason jars (because that is actually a thing!) but it's more about finding your strengths and putting them to use.

Craft time for wedding

The next time Tony balks at having to take a self-timer photo, I will remind him that this photo resulted in money! We won a couples photo contest and got a $100 gift card to a swanky sushi joint.

One of the things I love is paper. Making it, folding it, designing on it... you name it. Therefore I've taken it upon myself to spare our budget and design/make/print all of the paper pieces being sent out for the wedding. I designed these Save the Dates using some of our couple photos and had them printed as postcards from I absolutely love the way they turned out.

Another DIY element to our wedding is the cake. We've decided to not go with a huge fondant behemoth, and instead our focusing on our family traditions. One of the things about tradition is so many of them revolve around food. And I love that when Tony and I get married, we will be our own little family and we will start our own traditions. We want to celebrate where we come from and make what we are calling "Heirloom Cakes".

I sent a recipe card and this sweet bunting card (made with Washi tape) to the Grandmas, Moms, and Aunts on both sides of our families. We are asking them to send us a recipe card with their favorite cake. Then, at the ceremony we will have a table of heirloom cakes-- which many of my aunts have graciously agreed to bake the day before the wedding.

All handmade cards using supplies on hand: homemade envelopes made from scrapbook paper, bunting cards made with cardstock, baker's twine, and washi tape, and recipe card designed in Photoshop and printed at Kinko's for 10 dollars.