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Birth Photography Information + Questionnaire:

Thank you for inviting me to photograph your upcoming birth experience. It is such an honor to be a part of these session! Since births are a bit different than a standard session, here are some guidelines to ensure I can give you the best experience possible. Please read and become familiar with this information before labor begins. Be sure to print a copy for yourself as well.

Planned vaginal delivery or scheduled induction of labor:
I will be on call for your birth 24/7 from 39 weeks through 41 weeks gestation. If your doctor or midwife schedules an induction or planned cesarean for you, please let me know immediately so I can plan that date accordingly. Please keep me updated via telephone or text when you leave for the hospital and upon admission.

Your birth partner should keep me updated via text as soon as things begin happening. My cell number is 907-230-4181. Please store this number in your phones well in advance. My goal is to be at your place of delivery or labor before mom hits the point where she can no longer speak on the phone. If you are being checked for dilation, please keep me posted with your progress at each check. I plan to arrive when you are roughly 6-8cm dilated, depending on how rapidly your birth is progressing. Please note that it could take me up to an hour to arrive at your birth location (or 2 hours for Valley births) from your initial phone call. (It is usually a lot less than that, but for planning purposes that is the worse-case scenario.) I will stay with you through the rest of your labor/birth, and 1 hour post birth to document weight, footprints, family/baby interaction, etc.

Please contact me as soon as you *think* you might be in labor so I can begin making plans to be there. Even if it’s 2 a.m. Even if it’s a false alarm! I would much rather be ready to roll than to miss the event!
It is also helpful for me if you check in after doctor’s appointments in the weeks before labor and let me know how things are progressing and/or if there will be any changes to your initial birth plan.
Scheduled Cesarean Section: I will provide coverage 1 1/2 hours prior to, during (if permission is granted), and post-delivery. Images will be provided in a documentary fashion, documenting your experience as much as possible, as well as documenting your baby's first moments.

Your birth session includes:
    •    A maximum of 8 hours of photography for labor, delivery, and post-delivery
    •    Photography of event
    •    Sneak peek within a week of delivery
Additional hours of photography can be added if necessary for $100/hour.
In most cases, my time begins when I arrive at your birthing facility (when you are in active labor, or 6-7cm) and ends 1 hour after birth. In the event that your labor and delivery process lasts longer than 8 hours, we reserve the right to end our services after 8 hours if necessary.

Please see your contract for any further information, or email me with any questions you may have.

It is also extremely helpful for me to have some extra information, so I can provide my services in a way that coincides with your birth plan. Thank you in advance for filling out this form! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mom's Name *
Mom's Name
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Birthing Partner's Name
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Birth Location Address:
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Low-light conditions will make your photos a little grainier. We don't always have control over lights in the room, but if we do, please let me know if certain lighting will be a part of your ideal birth, and if it is alright if I turn on/off lights as I see fit.
Please let me know if there are any friends or family who will be visiting after baby is born. This helps me capture moments with the important people in your life.