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About Sarah

I grew up in Alaska and left briefly for college, only to realize that the mountains and water were in my veins. I love that feeling of living on the edge of the world, where I can see the sun dip below the horizon instead of just disappearing behind skyscrapers.

As a photographer, Alaska is a dream. There is nothing so gorgeous as a couple in love, genuinely laughing in front of a swoon-worthy background. I love photos that look unposed, bursting with golden, natural light. I also love Alaskan couples, because they are up for anything and know that "getting the shot" might involve wearing Xtra-Tufs. 

I live in Anchorage with my husband, adorable new baby, and 90-pound lap dog. Berry-picking at our top-secret blueberry spot (aptly nicknamed Blueberry Hill) is my favorite thing to do in the whole world. It's my happy place.

If I could solely survive on skim lattes and chocolate chip cookies, I would. I love to travel, and never want to pack the "good camera", but find it's always worth the shoulder ache from schlepping it around. My favorite trip ever was when I rented a cottage in the English countryside for 5 weeks and took a writing course at Jane Austen's house. Before becoming a full-time photographer and mom, I worked as a Teacher and TV Producer. All of those jobs require long hours and the ability to go-with-the-flow!

I spend a lot of time at Kaladi's and on Instagram. If you see me around our delightfully big small-town, please say "hi" and follow me on Instagram.

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